Our Signature Ingredient: Thermal Water

Discover the beauty of thermal water

Why Thermal Water

A powerful healing element, thermal water, is found all around the world and each source of water brings with it, its own unique characteristics.

Our thermal spring, located in the southern region of Italy on the island of Ischia, has been sought after since the Greek and Roman time periods. Known for its perfect balance of minerals, nutrients, and healing proprieties, the water became so well-known and respected that the spring was deemed a devotional center and gift from the nymphs and God Apollo. Today, altars and votives are still found at the spring in honor of the patrons.

The active, natural ingredients of our thermal water work in harmony with the body’s chemistry and natural PH levels. Situated in the mountains, separated from seawater, our water interacts with the natural elements of volcanic soil and existing habitat resulting in thermal water high in bicarbonate, which allows for and accelerates the life cycle of cell renewal. This is extremely helpful in healing certain forms of dermatitis and burns, as well as aiding in youth preservation. The high bicarbonate percentage also allows us to utilize more thermal water itself in each and every one of our products.

It is with our product line that we bring the healing waters of Ischia to each and every one of you. 

We are dedicated to restoring and revitalizing your skin as naturally as possible.