Why this Volcanic Island is One of Italy’s Top Wellness Destinations

Why this Volcanic Island is One of Italy’s Top Wellness Destinations

Off the west coast of Italy lies a small island getaway that’s been the subject of awe and wonder for over a thousand years. Since ancient times, the volcanic island of Ischia has won over the hearts and minds of residents and visitors alike thanks to its stunning geography, beautiful climate, and healing thermal waters. In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the history behind Ischia, and discover just what makes this Italian isle so beloved by so many. 

It’s no secret that the Italian way of life has been capturing peoples’ imagination for centuries. For many, the Italian coast represents unimaginable beauty, freedom, and health. And, during a time when travel is limited, some are bringing the magic of the “bellissimo” life to virtual spaces. One of our favorite hoteliers Marie-Louise Sciò launched Issimo, a lifestyle platform combining a travel magazine with a online shop full of Italian goods. And author and photographer Livia Hengel is making sure that people can still get their fill of wanderlust with her travel blog, The Italy Edit, (and is a big fan of Ischia - btw!). 

When talking about Ischia in particular, it’s not hard to see how this island has come to inspire so many. On the island of Ischia, the flow of life is slow and calm, and wellness of the body, mind, and spirit is prized above all else. On Ischia, the natural world takes center stage, with lush flora and a refreshing ocean breeze simply a fact of life there. When it comes to places that are able to stimulate the body and mind, Ischia is truly a hidden gem. 

The ancient Greeks knew this, too. For over 400 years, those from all walks of life would visit the Nitrodi springs on Ischia to experience the healing powers of the isle’s thermal waters for themselves. From warriors looking to heal their wounds from battle, to elders searching for relief from joint pain and other ailments, the healing springs of Ischia healed all, and quickly became a site of pilgrimage and devotion to the god Apollo. Those visiting the island of Ischia today can expect the same healing properties as well, making Ischia a beloved destination for not only world-class food, wine, and culture, but for wellness as well. 

At D’Isolana, we know the incredible power of Ischia’s thermal waters first-hand. From soothing common skin conditions like acne and eczema, to providing anti-aging properties, these volcanic thermal waters are like none other in the world, which is why we use them exclusively in our skincare line. In each and every one of our products, Nitrodi thermal water is the first ingredient, because we truly believe in its healing properties. And to make sure we fully capture the magic of Ischia and the Italian way of life, we formulate, create, and package all of our skincare products on the island of Ischia itself. 

Shop our skincare line to experience the skin-loving properties of Ischia’s thermal water for yourself. For more information on Ischia and other top Italian destinations, visit The Italy Edit by Livia Hengel.