Harmony & Balance: The Story Behind D’Isolana Skincare

Harmony & Balance: The Story Behind D’Isolana Skincare

When D’Isolana Skincare founder Jen Esposito visited Ischia for the first time, it was like something finally clicked. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder earlier in her life, Jen struggled with skin issues, ultimately culminating in stubborn acne that developed in her 20s. That fateful trip to Ischia would soon prove to be the key to changing everything though.

A small, volcanic island off the western coast of Italy, Ischia has been renowned for its vibrant culture, lush landscape, and healing thermal springs that surround the island since ancient times. Greek and Roman citizens would travel great distances just to experience the seemingly magical healing properties of Ischia’s thermal waters, and built beautiful shrines honoring the god of healing Apollo around the springs.

Today, Ischia’s springs remain just as unique and powerful of a natural resource. After experiencing the thermal waters for herself, Jen realized that her skin and body were beginning to show signs of healing. She recalls, “Shortly after this trip, I began reflecting back on my strong connection with Ischia and the fact that for the first time since being diagnosed my skin finally began to calm and heal. It was then that I realized that if this thermal water could give my extremely sensitive and stressed skin the relief I had been searching for, then others could certainly benefit immensely from it as well.”

Ultimately, that trip planted the seeds that would eventually become D’Isolana Skincare as we know and love it today. Quickly realizing the opportunity inherent in Ischia’s thermal waters, Jen began the journey to creating a skincare line that could bring this powerful healing water to as many people as possible. After securing exclusive access to one of Ischia’s springs, she worked tirelessly to build a supply chain ensuring each and every product was produced, manufactured, and created in Italy. After three years of intensive product research and development, D’Isolana Skincare was officially launched in 2020. 

D’Isolana Skincare stands out thanks to the Ischian thermal waters that are infused into each and every product. From clarifying cleansers to gentle exfoliators and illuminating face masks, each product contains thermal water as one of the key ingredients. The active natural ingredients in this thermal water works in harmony with the body’s chemistry and natural PH levels to help bring healing and restoration to skin suffering from acne, dermatitis, burns, and more. Thanks to where the thermal springs lie, tucked in the mountains and separated from seawater, it’s able to interact with the natural elements of volcanic soil and existing habitat resulting in high levels of bicarbonate, which can help accelerate the life cycle of cell renewal, aiding in youth preservation.

Each product is formulated to cater to all skin types, so everyone can have the chance to experience Ischia’s thermal water for themselves. The ultimate vision for D’Isolana, Jen reflects, “is to offer consumers the opportunity to get more out of their daily routine by providing a more meaningful and holistic approach to skincare and self care. I believe that nature has the power to provide harmony and balance in our lives.” 

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