Founder Q&A with Jennifer Esposito

Founder Q&A  with Jennifer Esposito

Q&A with D’Isolana Skincare Founder, Jennifer Esposito 
Jennifer Esposito was inspired to simplify her life—and streamline her skincare routine—when she moved from Manhattan to California. She created D’Isolana Skincare in response to her own desire for skincare rooted in nature, simplicity and performance. 
What drove you to start your own brand?

I was living a fast-paced life in New York and craved a line of products and routine that would help me with my stressed out and inflamed skin that could stand up to any conventional brand. While there were products available, they lacked the ultimate results that I was looking for. So I created D’Isolana to make things cleaner and simpler, without compromising performance. Our line of products are made up of incredible multitaskers, offering only the timeless ingredients you really need.

What’s your favorite product in the line?

I love our illuminating gold mask, it is ideal for a radiant glow, balanced complexion all while smoothing fine lines. I also love anything multipurpose, so it would have to be our rosemary hydrating mist. It’s the ultimate mist to refresh and hydrate throughout the day with the most incredible “spa in a bottle” experience of rosemary that transports immediately to the spa. 

What are your morning and evening routines?

My mornings start off with a few moments of meditation and tea before I begin my skincare routine. First, I washed my face with our milk cleanser followed by gently exfoliating with our red fruit exfoliator. A few days a week I'll apply our illuminating gold mask before jumping in the shower. Post shower I'll use the rosemary hydrating mist and a small amount of moisturizer to finish off my routine. I wear minimal makeup and then I’m off to the office. 

My evenings consist of removing my makeup, using our milk cleanser, then  applying our aloe vera and revitalizing eye cream before settling in for the night. 


What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I worked in the wine industry for almost a decade prior to landing in the beauty industry. This was where I learned the true value of ingredient and product origin, and the beauty behind reviving the methods of the past to create products that truly stand the test of time. 


What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business?

Work hard, stay focused on the big picture and persevere, but be sure to have fun in the process and keep learning. And surround yourself with those who believe in and support you—there’s no time or place for naysayers.