7 Self-Care Tips and Ideas to Add to Your Wellness Routine This Week

7 Self-Care Tips and Ideas to Add to Your Wellness Routine This Week

Cultivating a good self-care routine is important at any and all stages of your life, but as we continue to face a global pandemic and other challenges, it’s more important now than ever to ensure we’re prioritizing self-care. When we’re stuck at home for long periods of time, feelings of isolation and anxiety can easily set in, making it difficult to go about our regular days. And, if we’re working from home too, it can be hard to switch off the ‘work’ part of our brain, and burnout can set in. Building a daily or weekly self-care routine can help you find more peace in your daily life, and make quarantine more bearable. In today’s D’Isolana blog, we’ll go over some of our favorite self-care tips and ideas you can try integrating into your routine. 

  1. Gather your thoughts through journaling

Especially during times of increased stress or tension, jotting down your feelings in a journal can help you slow down and process your thoughts. There’s a reason why journaling is one of the top self-care tips people tend to espouse - it works. 

Journaling as a self-care practice can be a powerful way to reflect, listen, and heal. And the great part is, how you choose to do it is completely up to you. Whether it’s writing a poem, doodling, or writing out your entire day, the simple act of sitting with your thoughts through pen and paper can be so cathartic. 

  1. Get creative with art therapy

Another one of our favorite self-care tips is to incorporate creativity into your wellness routine. You don’t have to be an artist at all. Just focus on the act of creation. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: Try coloring in a ‘feeling wheel’ to help you navigate complex emotions, or pick a favorite song, poem, or quote to create a piece of response art to. While you’re engaging in this creativity, pay attention to how you feel, and what the art you’re making means to you.  

  1. Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods

It’s no secret that clean, healthy eating can have a big impact on how we feel. Stress and anxiety can lead to bloating, cramps, and stomach irritation, which can be exacerbated by greasy, salty, and sugary foods. 

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t ever indulge in our favorite foods and treats. A good self-care routine is all about balance, and having a favorite meal can be a big help in boosting our mood and overall mental wellbeing. But, eating a diet full of whole, unprocessed foods can help us stay healthy and strong, and should always be counted in our self-care routines.  

  1. Be kind to your skin

Sometimes, whatever stress we’re feeling in our life can manifest itself on our skin. Dryness and flaking, pimples, and dullness can all occur when we’re not feeling our best. One of our favorite self-care habits is taking 30 minutes each week to treat ourselves to mini spa treatment. 

Give your skin a treat by incorporating a weekly face mask into your skincare routine. For overall balancing and reducing inflammation, we love our Purifying Mud Mask

  1. Foster connections with friends and family

It’s easy to feel isolated and alone if you’re stuck at home. We humans are social creatures, and crave interaction and good conversation. The good news is, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with your loved ones - even when you’re physically apart. 

 Plan a Zoom game night or movie night with your close friends, or simply schedule a daily or weekly check-in with your loved ones. And never underestimate the power of a phone call, too!

  1. Optimize your living space

Often, we don’t realize the impact our physical living spaces can have on our mental and emotional state. And, as we spend more of our time at home, these impacts (positive and negative) can increase without us even knowing. So, it can be important to incorporate homecare into your normal self-care rituals and routines. 

Help make your space a more calming place to be by tidying up any messes, organizing your work areas, and adding mood-boosting accessories like plants and candles to bring more joy to your space. 

  1. Take a breather outside

Our last self-care tip is to simply get some fresh air and vitamin D. Even spending 10-15 minutes outside each day can have a profound impact on your mood and health. 

Try taking a walk around your neighborhood (don’t forget your mask!), or relaxing with a good book on your patio or deck. Just make sure to lather on some sunscreen to protect your skin, and you’re good to go. 

Everybody’s self-care journey is different, and what helps one person find peace may not work for another. The key when it comes to holistic wellness and health, is experimentation. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Self-care is about helping yourself feel good, so if your practice doesn’t align with someone else’s - that’s okay!