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Rooted in Dermatology and Hydrotherapy. Our mineral rich skincare starts in Ischia, Italy, where we source our thermal water. It's balance of minerals, nutrients, and healing proprieties interacts with the natural elements of volcanic soil and existing habitat to create products to address the needs of sensitive skin. It's our way of giving you a drop of Italy in every bottle.


Paraben-free / Paraffin-free / Cruelty-free / Dermatologically tested 

Balanced and Firm Skin

Rosemary Hydrating Mist

Rosemary Infused Thermal Water 


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Purifying Mud Mask

Facial Mud Mask with Thermal Water


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Balancing and Firming Serum

Facial Serum with Thermal Water


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Boost your skin cells defenses - Smooth expression lines - Hydrate and Moisturize 

Calming Aloe Vera for Acne, psoriasis and Rosacea


Aloe Vera  (Aloe Barbadenis)

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Health and Wellness of Thermal Water


What beauty means to us

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Skincare Routine with Thermal water for psoriasis, acne and rosacea


Personilized daily ritual for your skin

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"I developed this skincare line at a crucial point in my life when I was forced to listen to my body, look inward, and take that first step towards healing."  - Jen Esposito, Founder

D'Isolana Skincare Thermal Water Skincare for Acne, rosacea and psoriasis

From Ischia, Italy

Our Thermal Spring

Discover the soothing and antioxidant properties of  D'Isolana Thermal Spring Water.

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If you want to feel like a glowing radiant angel, do yourself a favor and try this product. It's super light weight and has truly a luminous gold look that quite literally leaves your skin looking so radiant. This will be my "me time" product. The product I reach for when I need that extra boost! I love it. 


I just applied the facial moisturizer and it is so superior to anything else out there…although it is lightweight, it’s rich and I could see it completely penetrate into the skin which is great! Also love the light scent.


With my dry skin, using the purifying mud mask and the hydrating moisturizer is the perfect combination for me. The mud mask is so soothing. I can feel it working gently on my skin. It is not harsh or irritating. After its rinsed off, the facial moisturizer seals it all in. It is absorbed quickly, nourishing the skin. It smells fresh, is very light, and forms almost a protective barrier. I love it!